Collaborating with LauferWorks

Discover small-molecule, macrocycle or protein drugs

LauferWorks addresses your challenges in small-molecule drug discovery or protein-based therapeutics. We work collaboratively with you, beginning with your data, applying our protein simulation software on our specialized computers, and sharing those results with you. We partner both with clients that have no specialized staff in computational biology/chemistry, and with those that do.

How we generally work with clients

  • The first step is a non-confidential teleconference, to see if there are possibilities to meaningfully collaborate.
  • After a mutual CDA (confidential disclosure agreement) is in place, we have a more detailed discussion, so we can understand your challenges in detail and you can understand our capabilities. If we mutually feel there’s potential, we’ll proceed.
  • Once an agreement is signed, you share any relevant data, both confidential and literature based, we map out a path forward and define a time frame and deliverables.
  • All computations are performed on LauferWorks’ specialized computers (GPU clusters).
  • During regular videoconferences, typically bi-weekly, the results of our computations are shared and feedback is solicited to adjust plans as necessary.
  • If the results are promising, follow-on collaborations may be established.
  • Our entire interaction may be virtual, i.e. visits by LauferWorks scientists to the client’s site is not necessary. Most of the interactions will occur by videoconference with screen-sharing. Results will be conveyed electronically in a suitable form. When needed, onsite visits can be arranged.
  • We do not retain any intellectual property resulting from our collaboration, other than any enhancements to our computational methods that arise during our work.

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